About us

Although PULKAY was officially established in 1976, it has been involved in the philately community since the second half of the 1960s. He took the lead in the re-publishing of Türk Stampları Haberlar, which was stopped, and these studies, which started in 1970, continued uninterruptedly until 1973. With the preparation of the current official logo in 1976, a corporate identity was gained.
In the integration of PULKAY with the slogan "It is the symbol of trust in philately", it is essential that its staff always maintain the quality of the core staff. Definitions such as stamp, collection, collecting, being a philatelist must contain the word trust. For this reason, providing services to philatelists and training young philatelists is possible with the reliability of PULKAY staff.
Participating in Tuyap fairs in 1993 and 1994, he tried to introduce the concept of collectorship, which was about to disappear, to the fair visitors.
On 22.06.2006, the name and logo of PULKAY, the symbol of the company's reliability, were registered and one of the biggest steps towards becoming a brand was taken. In order to protect the name of PULKAY, the web address serves with '.com', '.net', 'com.tr' extensions.
For the first time in Turkey, the dealership system serving philatelists was established, and the basic materials and stamps to be preferred at the beginning were offered for sale in special packages in order to deliver them to you without any damage. Dealerships continue to be given at home and abroad.
Supporting elective course programs in primary schools, PULKAY tries to introduce and popularize concepts such as stamps, philately, and collecting to young people through seminars, promotional booklets and brochures.

Getting to Know PULKAY

Our company was established in 1976. Serving amateur philatelists, it works with a belief that everything will be strengthened from the ground up.
Our whole aim is to train new collectors and in this way to serve the Turkish and world philately community. Pulkay was not established only to sell and buy stamps,
but to enrich the knowledge of philatelists and to make them conscious collectors. For this, he published a book called "PUL COLLECTION".
Our company provides service with its dealerships in the best book and stationery houses both in the center and in other provinces, especially in Istanbul.
Our greatest ideal is to have philatelists who sell and buy our stamps in all provinces and districts of Turkey. We would be grateful if you could help us in this matter.
In addition, in order to meet the demands of our customers in Europe, a European representation has been established and you can reach the contact
information of MICHAEL GAVİN on the page of our dealers who want to get in touch. Another important wish is; is to ensure that our company continues for generations.
For this reason, it is to make our employees shareholders of the company and to make arrangements to choose the best person as the leader in the future and
to ensure that they continue the company. I believe with all my heart that this will happen.

Kind regards,
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